For nearly 27 years, the name Farrell has been synonymous with luxury homes constructed with unmatched quality, efficiency and superior design that are timeless. Today, Farrell has grown into a diversified real estate and building platform offering not only single-family homes but multi-family estate and rental communities, commercial and industrial properties, storage facilities and more—all with the proven distinction of the Farrell brand.



In 1995, when founder Joe Farrell left his successful career on Wall Street, he did so with one goal—to bring his passion and business acumen to create beautiful, functional, well-built spaces where his clients and their families could thrive and grow.

Today, the iconic blue and white signage signaling the Farrell brand promise can be found on hundreds of homes and businesses, with portfolio of over $3 billion.

In order to build spaces, Farrell builds relationships.

Farrell’s expanded divisions today reflect the philosophy of growing with the needs of its clients—custom or signature homes, multifamily for – sale and rental offerings, self-storage, and commercial spaces. The growth of these offerings is a direct result of Farrell’s clients desire to have Farrell alongside them as their needs and lives evolve over time.



Farrell Building, the origin of the brand, exists today as the shared resource for all Farrell Companies, with proven and robust in-house capabilities that transform the experience of constructing a home, business, or community while delivering the consistent exemplary quality that is the signature of the Farrell brand.

Farrell is vertically integrated with acquisitions, financing, pre-development, construction, design, and procurement services in house, allowing for better cost control and delivery of higher quality product. Farrell’s shared resources across its divisions give it an unprecedented advantage––the most competitive pricing and timelines from vendors and trades in the industry.

After having built nearly a half a million homes in the Hamptons, Farrell expanded to the Hudson Valley, Connecticut and Florida with an intimate knowledge of market demographics and an intrinsic sense of how to deliver value. Through its unparalleled capabilities and expertise, Farrell has developed an immense understanding of the desire of the high-end buyers and renters and has perfected the art of constructing a top-of-the-line luxury development.